PRO Training

How can we make SLADEA more popular?

Mid May, the last PRO training lasted for three days in Pujehun. Six (6) newly elected PRO’s were also present. Different methods were used to repeat the topics for the benefits of the new ones, such as peace journalism, writing skills, and taking pictures. The main aim and purpose of the workshop was to discuss how to make SLADED more popular using peace journalism as an approach and to distribute the new purchased cameras for each branch.

Each PRO needs to know the organization, its vision, mission, goals and values to be able to make it popular in their areas. Therefore, it was presented and discussed by the participants. To talk about the different types of media and media landscape in Sierra Leone helps to create ideas for the branches, such as: using social media like WhatsApp, Drama, Radio programmes, engaging stakeholders, learners drive, house to house visitation, newsletter, mobile cinema etc. The PROs were asked to develop their own strategy for the various branches. In order to exchange and link each other, a WhatsApp group was created. Furthermore, Adama gives follow up calls to guide them on their plans.

The newly purchased cameras for each branch, which is supported by Bread for the World were shared. Mr. Williams send the message, emphasizing that the PROs and all other members have to pay great attention to SLADEA policy of items. To explain the policy of items is necessary when items are handed over, also to have a formal document which has to be signed is important to show that the camera are SLADEA items and not personal properties for the PRO’s.

In the closing minutes, the facilitators tried to encourage the PRO’s to keep it up and stay in contact with each other and especially with the national secretariat in Freetown. They should also see the newly elected national PRO as an important contact person. Finally the whole training was successful and the facilitators are happy with the new dynamic and motivated group.

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