Waterloo is the second largest settlement in the Western Area of Sierra Leone and a suburb of Freetown. Located just 18 miles east of Freetown, Waterloo has a current population of approximately 20,000.

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Our classes take place within the communities mentioned above. Learning takes place three hours a day leaving the rest of the day for the participants to engage in other economical activities.

Ceramic Centre - Waterloo

Waterloo is an important nodal point in the road network leading to the provincial capitals, the Sierra Leone Peninsula and to the capital, Freetown.

SLADEA promotes the interests of youth in Waterloo. We strive to give young adults a future by helping them to develop their competencies, skills and values. One of our goals is to reduce the high unemployment rate among the youth in Waterloo. In pursuit of this goal, SLADEA has opened “The Lettie Stuart Ceramic Centre”— a pilot project that teaches young people ceramics and pottery as a means of providing them with a new professional perspective. “The Lettie Stuart Ceramic Centre” provides trainees with three years of training in pottery and ceramics.

With our tailor-made programme we are aiming to end frustration and social exclusion among our young learners.

We encourage our young trainees to develop their own ideas and to realize them. We also strive to awaken their creativity. We take a step-by-step approach to teaching the techniques of preparing, moulding, throwing and decorating pottery ware. Once they have perfected the basics, we encourage our trainees to let their creativity and imagination guide them in their ongoing affair with pottery. After they have gotten their first taste of how working with clay feels, we introduce them to the potter’s wheel.

We teach basic and advanced pottery skills. Our programme:

  • Drawing
  • Calligraphy
  • Design
  • Operating a potter's wheel
  • Teaching how to hand-mould clay
  • Teaching trainees how to prepare clay for pottery, to identify the characteristics of good-quality clay, and to select the best clay for the task at hand
  • Teaching the more intricate aspects of pottery such as how to modify shapes on the wheel by applying the correct pressure at the correct point, and also how to give pottery objects beautiful finishes
  • Operating a kiln. Learning the importance of maintaining temperature and understanding the various effects achieved at different temperatures
  • Teaching various pottery decoration techniques, including the use of pottery glazes, pottery paint, carving and engraving
  • Entrepreneurial and communication skills complete the training

The training in the Lettie Stuart Ceramic Centre has already borne fruit: Four potters have completed their three years of training and they now run the ceramics centre. Three more trainees have already started their training. In the long run SLADEA is aiming to provide training for up to 20 additional trainees. The success of our training shows that education that is relevant and oriented to the needs of our learners is contributing to their level of commitment to the programme.

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