With our non-formal education programmes we create educational opportunities for
our less fortunate compatriots that provide them with a second chance.

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Continuing Education Centre - Bo
Continuing Education Centre - Bonthe
Continuing Education Centre - Makeni
Continuing Education Centre - Pujehun
Continuing Education Centre - Mile 91
Ceramic Centre - Waterloo


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Our Activities

Our classes take place within the communities mentioned above. Learning takes place three hours a day leaving the rest of the day for the participants to engage in other economical activities.

What We Do

The Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) was established in September 1978. It is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and currently has 13 branches spread across the country’s four administrative regions.

With our educational programmes we impart:

  • Adult literacy
  • Education for out-of-school children and youth
  • Life skills
  • Education for adults geared to expanding their learning opportunities
  • Work skills

Our non-formal education programmes offer flexible access to basic education for disadvantaged children, youth and adults unable to participate in formal schooling either due to poverty or cultural and other social barriers.

With our non-formal education programmes we create educational opportunities for our less fortunate compatriots that provide them with a second chance. We provide out-of-school children and youth with access to a structured learning environment, reinforce their self-esteem and help them find ways to become self-reliant.

In many cases our programmes serve adults as a bridge to improve their academic skills to the point where they can re-enter formal schools.

Our adult education activities aim to increase our adult learners' general and academic insight and skills and improve their ability and desire to take responsibility for their own lives and to take an active part in society. Our programmes include broad skills development, which has tremendous impact on social development.

We see non-formal education as an integral part of a lifelong learning concept that ensures that adults acquire and maintain the skills, abilities and dispositions needed to adapt to a continuously changing environment and society.

We also cooperate with organisations and agencies active in the area adult education, providing training and monitoring their classes. There is an increasing need in Sierra Leone for tailor-made functional literacy classes.

To ensure that learners are provided with the highest possible standard of adult education services, we regularly monitor and supervise our teaching staff.

Education System in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's education system is divided into four stages; six years of primary education, three years of junior secondary education , four years of either senior secondary education or technical vocational education and four years of university or other tertiary education.

"A significant percentage of 6 to 16-year-olds is not attending school and there is a high rate of school drop-outs. With a population growth rate of approximately 2.6 % a year, the literacy rate cannot improve significantly without a massive and urgent intervention by the government" (New Education Policy).

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